The Legacy Companies was founded in 1998 as two companies, Greenfield WorldTrade and Asbury Food Service.

The subsequent history of our growth takes shape through successive phases of acquisitions and organic growth.
Today, our headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
The Legacy Companies operates domestically while Greenfield WorldTrade operates as the International distributor.



Blakeslee invented the commercial dishwashing machine. Today, there is a Blakeslee machine perfect for all of your dishwashing and food preparation needs, with many products still manufactured in the USA.


Legion Industries

Legion Industries is founded as the Joseph Heinrich Corporation
(Jos. Heinrichs Corp.) of New York City. In 1937, Legion Utensils Co. bought the company and subsequently became a leader in the production of deep drawn stainless steel products for the commercial food service industry.


West Bend

The West Bend Company originally manufactured aluminum cookware and electrical appliances, but also made two-stroke cycle engines including outboard boat motors. Art Ingels, known as the father of karting, used a surplus West Bend engine to power the first kart.



Zeroll developed a unique ice cream dipper design which transferred heat from the user’s hand to the scoop making it easier for the scoop to cut through ice cream. Today, Zeroll is a leading brand in portion control scoops, kitchen accessories and ice cream scoops and spades.



Bevles was founded in Southern California with a dedicated mission to produce the strongest, most durable proofers, cabinets and racks for the Foodservice Industry.



Omega’s Founder crafts a juicer product concept to deliver what clients want in a juicer. Today, Omega is the only brand that offers consumers all styles of juicers including citrus, centrifuge, masticating and pulp ejection. Omega also manufactures blenders and an assortment of beverage equipment.



General is established as a brand name trusted in food service with a robust product offering of high quality mixers, slicers, vegetable and bowl cutters, coffee, tea, and cooking equipment.



Excalibur introduces the first home dehydration unit leading the way in the mechanics of heat and air flow related to food dehydration. The majority of Excalibur’s products are still manufactured in Sacramento, CA.


EdgeCraft Corporation

EdgeCraft Corporation introduces the Chef’sChoice brand with the debut of its first electric knife sharpener. Today, Chef’sChoice has a complete small electrics product offering.


Dol-Fyn & Nautilus

Dol-Fyn and Nautilus introduce high-grade, stainless-steel water distillers
and a plastic countertop distiller direct to the home.



Vinturi debuted its first aerator, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator, in 2007. The aerator has a patented design that speeds up the breathing process by aerating in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine.



Maxximum introduces Maxx Cold and Maxx Ice. Independent lines of refrigeration and ice equipment.



In 2010, the Yonanas concept was born with the product launch officially taking place in 2011. Today, Yonanas has sold over 3 million units around the world. It is a premier lifestyle brand for an increasingly health-conscious global population.


Maxx Scientific

Maxx Scientific launches a full line of refrigerated appliances designed for Medical, Research, Laboratory, University and Microbiological markets with applications specified for Blood Bank, Chromotography, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Vaccine Storage, Clinical Studies and Samples



The Orien facility, located in Qingdao, China, offers advanced inspection equipments, production equipments, and experimental facilities and supplies many types of ice makers.

We take pride in identifying with the heritage of the brands that have helped mold us into The Legacy Companies’ of today.