“The journey to get to where we are and the plans
we have for an exciting future is because of the
contributions made by each one of our employees.
Thanks to our people,
Legacy has accomplished great things.”

Neal Asbury, CEO, The Legacy Companies.  An entrepreneur involved in global business since graduating from Rowan State University in New Jersey in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Shortly afterwards he was recruited by Inchcape PLC and moved to Asia to represent the interests of a number of U.S. manufacturers throughout the region.  When it comes to advocating on behalf of entrepreneurship and free enterprise, there is no one more passionate.  It’s no coincidence that he was the 2008 recipient of the coveted United States National Champion Exporter of the Year Award.

Neal has published over 300 articles on global trade issues, and writes a weekly column for Newsmax.  He has been quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LeMonde, and frequently appears on cable television nationally and internationally, often seen on Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC and RT Network.

Each week Neal hosts the nationally syndicated talk radio show “Neal Asbury’s Made In America”, produced by Radio America. This has become a nationally respected forum for reinvigorating the entrepreneurial spirit that has made U.S. businesses the envy of the world in their pursuit of the “American Dream.”  “Made In America” features leading political and industry experts and is carried by more than 60 affiliates from coast-to-coast.

Neal is a published author of the book “Conscientious Equity: An American Entrepreneurs Solutions to the World’s Greatest Problems,” by Palgrave & MacMillan.  The book has quickly become a respected guidebook to help American manufacturers engage with the world on trade, fighting corruption, environmental issues and preserving human dignity.

Mr. Asbury’s blog www.conscientiousequity.com is a favorite on-line destination for visitors who share his passion for small business entrepreneurship and the benefits of expanding the U.S. role in global commerce. His advocacy has taken him to address the United Nations at the Commission of Trade and Development, as well as frequent speaking engagements at universities, government events and trade associations.

“Underlying all success is a motivation and an unrelenting desire to exceed consumer expectations. Innovation in product and business development comes from a business culture that is on a constant quest for progress and knowledge of technology, trends and ingenuity. At The Legacy Companies, outstanding service is a regular part of our day.  Our employees take pride in identifying with the heritage of the brands that have helped mold us into the company we are today.”

Gregory Anderson, Chief Financial Officer Joined 2021

Gene Lockhart, Chief Operating Officer Joined 2021

Steven Brown, Executive Vice President – Business Development & Acquisitions   Joined 2019

Adrian Ostman, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer – IT   Joined 2020

Teresa Asbury, Corporate President, Commercial Division Joined 1999

Jay Zilinskas, Corporate President, Consumer Division  Joined 2019

Chris Mangan, Vice President of Sales, Consumer Division Joined 2019

Kelly Sakowicz, Vice President, Marketing  Joined 2019

Gurmeet Matharu, Vice President, E-commerce  Joined 2016

Tom McLaughlin, Senior Vice President of New Product Development & Engineering  Joined 1982

Tyler Helms, Director of China Operations & Sourcing

Bill Eltringham, Corporate Vice President, International, South America, W Europe  Joined 2001

Jonathan Vadnos, Corporate Vice President, International, Asia, E Europe, Middle East  Joined 1999

Ron Liu, Vice President of Global Engineering (Consumer)  Joined 2018