Founded in 1880.

George S. Blakeslee began work on the first mechanical dish washing machine in Chicago, Illinois.
It took George almost 15 years to perfect his first machine. Early 1900’s, George developed the first rackless, continuous conveyor type dish machine.

1912, George was one of the first US Manufacturers to open a Company to serve the Canadian market.
1950’s and 1960’s, Blakeslee expanded to include other motorized kitchen equipment.

1965, Blakeslee creates the first and only underslung conveyor [patented] on a Flight-Type Machine;
The only modular tank system for both Rack and Flight-Type machines; and The only low profile Rack and Flight-Type machines available.

Blakeslee commercial foodservice equipment is an integral part of hospitality, entertainment and foodservice establishments. Blakeslee offers a full product line of dishwashers from undercounters units to high volume conveyor models as well as mixers, peelers and burnishers.


Commercial dishwashers are an integral part of any foodservice establishment, so it’s important to choose the unit that best suits your needs. From compact under counter units to high-volume conveyor dishwasher models, you can find the perfect warewashing equipment for your business.


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370 Mills Road
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